Prevent and Maintain- Pregnancy is the best time to learn about Diastasis Recti. You can prevent tissue damage and maintain your connective tissue integrity if you are proactive by learning how to safely care for your core during this time of rapid body changes . Preventing Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor complications is always best 

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Various types of Diastasis Recti 

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 Nourish and Renew- It's never too late to heal Diastasis Recti or treat Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.   

This workshop is  a 2.5 hour group session and is the foundation to healing. You will learn how the diaphragm and pelvic floor work as a unit and how to use your breath to heal your linea alba and strengthen your core safely. 


  • Breathing: learn how to properly use your breath to heal your Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor


  •  Pelvic Floor (PF) and be able to identify the difference between a pelvic floor that lacks tone and one that has too much tone and solutions to restore proper tone

  • Diastasis Recti (DR), what causes it, & how to check yourself for a dysfunctional core and corrective exercises that will nourish your tissues and begin the healing process your to restore your core and become stronger than ever!

*** Plus.... you get access to my private FaceBook support group!


Workshop Price: $50.00

Held at True Healing Massage Yoga and Wellness. Register for class at bottom of pa

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Align and Resolve- Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction issues are unique to you. Depending on your body alignment and movement patterns.  What postural adaptations are holding you back from finalizing your healing?


  • Breathing Review: Why you need to be using your diaphragm with every breath 

  • Posture: Take a look at your body from head to toe and help you get your alignment right with specific exercises that will help train your body to make healthy posture become natural.

  • Progressive Core Loading: Learn how to get back to the activities and core exercises you love in a safe and effective way. 

  • Neuro Drills: Learn some fun ways to tap into your brain to muscle connections by neuro stimulating drills.

Held at True Healing Massage Yoga and Wellness. Register for class at bottom of page

HIIT Training & Healing guides

HIIT with a Twist - Healing Integrated Interval Training



HIIT is a unique 75 minute workout (designed for moms) that makes you feel empowered and alive. Workout smart by respecting your body by meeting your strength where it’s at and challenge yourself through a full body focused exercise session of alternating cardio blocks and muscle conditioning segments that awakens your metabolism and shapes and tones your body by using body weight and resistance bands. Learn how to reconnect with your breath to heal diastasis and pelvic floor issues by working out smart $10.00/class

Held at True Healing Massage Yoga and Wellness. Register for class at bottom of page

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Tips & Tricks: Healing Guides



PDF's ARE $10-$12 EACH OR 2 FOR $18

Skin Tightening Remedies - $10

This PDF provides information on how to  rejuvenate tired and stretched out tummy skin from the inside out. You will be provided with a list of remedies plus product and "how to" instructions

Pelvic Floor Rescue -  $12

What does a tight PF cause? Leaks and Prolapse

When the pelvic floor can’t fully lengthen, it can’t fully contract either. It gets muscle knots, just like your shoulders do when you say you need a massage. 

I have put together 5 stretches/exercises that will help to release your pelvic floor. This is not an overnight magic pill, you have to show up and do the work with consistency, but the payoff is worth it! 

 If you have ANY of the following symptoms, this will help you!

1. Tailbone pain

2. Painful intercourse

3. Urinary stress incontinence

4. Painful Periods/Menstrual Cramps  

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rock your body-online series.

Gift Yourself with Knowledge and Support


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Join the CorElastiC Rock Your Body membership and get access to my private Facebook Learning Group where I have made 5 Series of progressing exercises of Breathing (Transverse Priming / Transverse Pumping), & Strengthening and Lengthening segments. There are video’s and detailed PDF’s for you to follow.  It is designed to strengthen your core from the inside out help you connect with your core & pelvic floor in all positions so that you can handle any situation life throws at you without thinking twice!! The Strengthen and Lengthen segments are going to help you get your body into good alignment. And the best part is that you have an in house help through it all (that’s me)! I'm using a private FB group because it allows you to post questions and get clarification whenever you’re not sure about something. Plus I’m going to be continuously adding new material and units, like fun Neuro drills, scar massage, Weekly Tips and a “Beyond the Basics” series. 

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