What is Diastasis Recti? 

Diastasis Recit is an unnatural stretching/thinning of the connective tissue called the Linea Alba.  The Linea Alba is what I like to call the Grand Central Station of the core. It is where the major core muscles (Rectus Abdominis, External Obliques, Internal Obliques, and Transverse Abdominis) all attach creating this precious fibrous sheet of connective tissue  which runs down the midline of the abdomen from the xiphoid to the pubic bone.

There are different severities of Diastasis Rectus (DR).  The width of the separation and the depth of the separation are used to measure the severity.  Most women are more concerned with width and want to close the gap, but depth is actually more important, because the deeper the DR is the more tissue damage has been done.  It is most commonly noticed after having babies however, DR can occur in anyone,  it does not discriminate!! Diastasis Recti is actually a whole life, whole body issue that presents its self once the tissue load has reached its capacity....Something has to give.  Your life long daily habits creates (ideal or non ideal) loads on the body.  When you do not regulate your intra abdominal pressure you create imbalances.  What shows up, DR, prolapse, & hernias (Inguinal, Umbilical, or Hiatal).  

Can you heal Diastasis without surgery?

The majority of people can definitely heal a diastasis naturally without invasive procedures like surgery (there are those rare cases where the tissue damage is too extensive to heal naturally and surgery is needed).

The reason we have a Diastasis or a pelvic floor dysfunction becomes very individualized and it takes a little bit of detective work to pinpoint the cause.  For example Sally who has DR might be a shallow breather with an Anterior Pelvic Tilt (APT) while Jane who also has DR has good pelvic alignment but a super tight chest (years and years of computer work) causing her to have a kyphosis (a hunch back) so to fix the looks of it, Jane became a rib thruster, therefore disrupting the balance of the rib cage by pulling it forward and taking muscles with it (where ever the rib cage goes, so do the muscles). So you can see we would need to correct these individual imbalances for you to have success with healing your DR.  Remember, diastasis doesn't just happen overnight, it is a lifelong movement pattern you've adopted, but you can fix it!!!

Where should I start?

You need to start with making the decision to invest a little bit in yourself. What i'm really talking about is investing in some "me" time. It takes patience and consistency to make changes happen. But your body is a miraculous machine that is capable of healing itself if given the right conditions.  How you move matters and there is a lot of good information available, but I've seen a lot more information out there that is not accurate and will make your symptoms worse. Be careful where you find your resources.  An effective program will teach you how to get to the source of your Diastasis (your diastasis is not the problem, it's the result of something else).  Only doing  corrective exercises and not fix the reasons why you have diastasis you’re not going to heal.

 -A majority of women actually have pelvic floor tightness (yes, you do pee your pants when you have a tight pelvic floor).

-Breathing is SO important to healing (DR issues and PF issues). Your diaphragm works in sync with your pelvic floor. If you’re not breathing optimally then you can’t manage your intra-abdominal pressure and your pelvic floor can’t lengthen (relax).

 Quick Anatomy lesson

-Your pelvic floor and your transverse abdominals (TVAs) are connected (literally). If your pelvic floor is not functioning properly then your TVAs can’t function properly. You need your TVAs to work to be able to heal your DR. This is why if you have pelvic floor issues you must address them to heal your Diastasis.

-Your linea alba is stretched/thinned with DR. It heals by laying down new collagen. But to heal it needs a proper balance of stress. Too much and it can’t heal, too little and it won’t heal all the way.

-Your diaphragm and pelvic floor work in sync when you breathe. If one is not working properly then the intra-abdominal pressure that pushes out on your abdomen is more then it should be. This stresses your linea alba ALL day and will make it not be able to heal! This is why breathing properly is one of the KEY pieces to fixing your DR (and pelvic floor issues).

It is my goal through my HIIT (healing integrated interval training) classes and my workshops to give you correct information and provide you with support so you can begin your journey on a path that will lead you to success! 

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If you can not attend one of my events, there are great online programs out there that will provide you with safe and effective routines to help you heal your body.  BUT not all are created equal. I have personally experimented with many programs so that I can be confident you will be getting the best possible content. See below for the online programs I give 5 STARS and recommend.  



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