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*Mom of 4

*Registered Nurse

*Embody Certified Instructor

*Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

I have have a bachelors degree in Nursing. I personally trained with Leah Keller (the founder of Every Mother) to become a Certified EMbody Instructor.  I've also studied with Dr. Sarah Duvall to become a Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. 

I have learned that there is not a one plan to fix all, what heals one person isn't going to do the job for another. Each person will have their own set of unique hurdles to work through to regain a functional core / pelvic floor.  I love to educate women on THEIR body and help them discover the root cause of their symptoms. There is no reason any woman can't feel strong, capable and confident in her body again!

About Me


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Hi! So happy you found me! I am a busy mother of four. I am a Registered Nurse by career and a fitness instructor by hobby. I have been teaching group exercise classes for the past 12 years. I currently teach strength based classes at Choice Health and Fitness  and HIIT with a Twist: (Healing Integrated Interval Training) at True Healing Massage Yoga and Wellness  Grand Forks, ND.

 My passion is in healthy lifestyle education/maintenance, prevention, and overall mind-body wellness.  I strive to live in a balanced healthy state of mind and body and it's my goal to provide guidance, support and inspiration so you can find a life balance that works for you. 

I enjoy sharing the knowledge I have acquired over the course of my healing and I am always researching different methods and modalities to bring you the best practices.  

Thank you for trusting me to educate you on your self healing journey! 

Bridge the Gap


Motherhood is an exceptional experience from those first moments of pregnancy to years after childbirth. However, many of us are left with a body we do not recognize or feel comfortable in. We tend to just accept this as the way it has to be or settle for  invasive procedures where you are left with recovery down time, new scars, and thousands of dollars not covered by insurance.

I want you to know there is an alternative to surgery and that you don’t have to live with the common but NOT normal changes that tend to happen to you during pregnancy or after giving birth. 

It's time to bridge this gap of misinformation and teach women how to properly care for their postpartum body so every woman can heal naturally without negative side effects.



“Stayce’s classes were the perfect addition to my postpartum routine and the exact thing I was missing to complete my healing! Although I thought with my own certifications that I knew proper breathing and posture, etc...Stayce’s pelvic floor work and breathing technique on exertions and core strength focus is genius to recovery! It is what ALL other generic workouts are missing specific for us moms. I have confidence in getting a pre pregnancy strength and health back now! Thank you Stayce.” Amanda W.

"I highly recommend Stayce's program which focused on making mothers as healthy and strong as possible. Her positive outlook, tested methodology and constant encouragement are the key to getting great results. I was able to resolve my diastasis issue rather quickly, and i'm thrilled that my core is stronger than ever" Stacey D.

"Working with Stayce on closing my gap was the best thing I could have done for my postpartum body. After have two babies in two years I was left with a significant gap in my abdomen. I felt hopeless. My core strength was so far gone that I was sacrificing proper form in my other exercises to compensate the lack of strength and stability in my abdomen. When I first started talking with Stayce on this method she had learned about on how to heal diastis recti, I thought there is no way just proper breathing exercises for 10 minutes a day could close this. I was a little sceptic. If it was that “easy” why wouldn’t everyone do it? We’ll sure enough, I witnessed Stayce herself close her gap in the short 3 months they said it would take and I was like, where do I sign up?! I started her 3 month program with 10 minutes a day of proper breathing exercises and week by week I felt my core strength coming back. My posture started improving with my other exercises, my lower back pain was significantly reduced, I could hold a plank again with stability from my core. There were all these little things that I noticed improving all because my gap was closing little by little with no surgery required. We’ve always believed that the one sure way we could get the abs everyone wants was to do hundreds of crunches, sit-ups, v-ups, etc. I can proudly say that after working with Stayce and learning how our body works from within with proper form, I now have core strength stronger than ever before. She gave me confidence in myself that I thought I’d never get back. When the 3 months were up and we had our final check-in I was so happy to hear her say, “your gap is closed!” I couldn’t believe it! I’ve taken what I learned with Stayce and continued to stay safe and aware of my core. I now tell myself “belly back” multiple times throughout my workout to remind myself that your core is not solely built on crunches and sit-ups. Your core is built from every day movements with proper posture and consistency. I can’t thank her enough for helping me gain the strength back in my core and giving me the confidence that I can achieve anything if I just put my mind to it and stay consistent!" Ashley C. 

" Before I met Stayce, I had no idea I had a Diastasis Recti. Thanks to her I am now taking steps forward to heal it. I am so grateful for her guidance and support on this journey! Thank you, Stayce!!" Samantha J.



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